Master Class

The Critical Function of Digestion

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Are digestive enzymes important to take when on a high-protein diet? If so, what do you recommend? A) Enzymes are important to any diet, as they support health and recovery. Many athletes agree that it’s not exactly how much and what you eat that’s important, but what your body can utilize that really counts. You don’t… read more

Joint Supplements That Work 

I’m 43. A few months back I was playing flag football and broke the side of my scapula and popped my shoulder out of place. It’s finally healed and I want to get back into working out, but I still have pain in my joints. What natural supplements can help to reduce my pain and… read more

Delt Despair 

I’m trying to build up my shoulders and nothing seems to work. I don’t even get a pump in my delts when I train. Why? Can you give me a workout that can help me cap my delts? A) The shoulders and trap area is made up of many small muscle groups and fibers that all… read more

The ABCs of HMB


Q) I purchased the new GNC Amplified Mass XXX and it lists HMB as its main ingredient. Can you tell me what it does and how it works? I’m trying to gain more muscle mass. A) HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) is a metabolite or by-product of the amino acid leucine that works extremely well in the body as… read more

[ How To Transform Your Core  ]


I’m a 27-year-old woman who has only recently begun working out. I follow a healthy diet, train with weights and do cardio every other day, but I can’t seem to get my hips, butt and abs in shape. I can’t even flex my abs or butt, even though I’ve begun a strength program recommended by… read more

Choosing the Perfect Nutrition Bar


I work long hours and have limited time to eat. Can I use nutrition bars as meal replacements and still get in shape? There are so many different bars to choose from that it’s confusing. What is the difference between them? Also, I found out my stomach is sensitive when I eat too much sugar… read more

[ Short vs. Full Range of Motion  ]


I play high school football and my coach put me on a new strength-training program that I’m not sure I like. He has me doing training splits with a lot of quick partials reps and short ranges of motion, but I’ve always believed in doing a full range of motion. What’s your thought on this?… read more

How Do I Get Ripped Abs? 


I just started working out and want to have ripped abs. I’ve been going to the gym almost every day, doing decline crunches for 6 sets of 25 reps after my weight workouts. Last week I pulled my lower back just above my hip while decline crunching. How long does this area take to heal?… read more

Use a Full Range of Motion for Size  


I’d like to build some muscle over the summer and want to know if it’s better to do shorter or longer movements on exercises?  A) Muscle strength and development is directly related to muscle hypertrophy, caused by fatiguing the maximum number of muscle fibers. This is best accomplished using a full range of motion, since… read more

Light Weights Can Lead to Big Gains  


My 18-year-old son and I are going to start working out together. He wants to add mass. Is it better to use low reps and heavy weight, or to use moderate weight with increased reps? My son wants to max out all the time, but I’m concerned he’s going to hurt himself. A: As a… read more