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Why The Media Gets Supplements Wrong


Bad research methodology is behind stories maligning vitamins and other products, says the Linus Pauling Institute. You may have noticed a few news stories recently that called into question the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements. As we’ve pointed out relentlessly in Muscle & Body, these media reports just repeat claims made in press releases, providing… read more

Supplements Help Lower Health-Care Costs

Extensive report lists key nutrients that can help solve one of the nation’s biggest concerns. It seems that everybody is talking about health care these days. But no matter where you stand on the Affordable Care Act and related political hot topics, all Americans are interested in ways to lower the nation’s health-care costs. One… read more

The Biggest Show On Earth

The 2014 Arnold Sports Festival is the world’s largest multisport event. And there’s a competition just for you. Promise. If you’re worried about a sports letdown after the Winter Olympics in February, relax. You won’t have to go cold turkey for long. That’s because a huge sports spectacular is scheduled right after the Sochi Games.… read more

Majority Of Americans Relies On Supplements


An annual CRN survey finds wide popular support for dietary products. In a repeat of their findings last year, the Council for Responsible Nutrition reports that 68% of U.S. consumers use dietary supplements. Not only do more than two-thirds of Americans regularly take over-the-counter food and herbal supplements, but they do so with confidence in… read more

Taking Supplements May Cut Hospital Time


Nutritional intervention in hospitals may dramatically lower costs, speed recovery, say researchers. A groundbreaking study has discovered that hospital patients were discharged faster and cut expenses when they were administered oral nutritional supplements during their stay. In fact, researchers found that in more than one million cases, adults taking supplements had a 21% reduction in… read more

Fish Oil: Still Safe, Still Powerful


The scientific consensus is that omega-3 fatty acids have enormous health benefits, despite a recent headline to the contrary. “Science by press release” is an easy way to be misled, and recent history proves it. A brief email sent to journalists will be repeated verbatim only because a study appeared in a publication with the… read more

Will This Be Jay’s Day?

The 2013 Mr. Olympia contains multiple story lines, but the biggest one of all is the cutler comeback! It’s here—finally. The iron has been pumped, the protein guzzled, the trash talked. Now it’s time for the flesh to flex. The 2013 Mr. Olympia is upon us in Las Vegas on September 28, and it’s going… read more

The Fittest City

Minneapolis-St. Paul and Bloomington top the annual ACSM list. In its yearly American Fitness Index report, the American College of Sports Medicine ranks 50 metropolitan areas in the country to determine the fittest city, and this year they had a repeat winner: Minneapolis-St. Paul and Bloomington. Landing at the bottom of the list was Oklahoma… read more

Get Ripped, Have Fun


Here are the top 10 outdoor workouts for burning body fat. Activity (for 30 minutes) 1. Swimming (crawl or butterfly): It may be the best outdoor workout you can do. The intensity makes a difference in calories burned, so it’s up to you how much you want to get out of it. Calories burned: 409… read more

New Blood-Sugar Fix: Weightlifting And Green Coffee Beans


Researchers tout two secret weapons to prevent weight gain and type 2 diabetes. New evidence is in regarding ways to manipulate blood sugar to prevent disease and manage body weight. The journal Nature Medicine reports on a study that found that increases in white muscle, which occurs most commonly with weight training, helps keep blood… read more