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The Big One Gets Bigger


The Arnold Sports Festival is back and bursting at the seams. Like the national deficit, the Arnold Sports Festival just keeps growing. Unlike the national deficit, that’s a good thing. Named after its co-founder Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Arnold Sports Festival (ASF) is the nation’s largest fitness and sports spectacular, hosting more than 18,000 athletes who… read more

The Strongest Link

Keep joint pain from halting your training progress with this top-selling, clinically researched supplement. Millions of Americans are plagued by deteriorating joints, whether it’s from lifetyle, aging or any number of diseases that affect nerves and soft tissue. Painful joints cause an assortment of lifestyle limitations, especially for athletes and regular exercisers. Of course, the… read more

Big Muscle in Steel City

Alan J. King

The 2014 GNC Pittsburgh Fitness Expo proved that staying strong and healthy can be great fun. Sure, it takes effort and dedication to stay fit and healthy, but as this year’s Pittsburgh Fitness Expo proved, the fitness community knows how to have a great time. Held on May 23–24, 2014, at the Monroeville Convention Center,… read more

What’s In Store

Check out the latest in advanced supplement technology.         Love Your Gut FiberDX, made by BarnDad, is a unique, eight-layer, soluble and insoluble fiber matrix that naturally supports lean muscle maintenance and weight management. FiberDX has substantial health benefits for people with diabetes and obesity, and delivers the maximum digestion benefits without… read more

The Revolution Will Be Supersized


Boosting human growth hormone levels just got easier with Growth Factor-9. Ponce de Leon had epic ships and legions of warriors to hunt for the Fountain of Youth, but he would have been much better off with a chemistry degree. Just ask medical experts and aging men who have used human growth hormone (hGH). Increased… read more

Put Some “Pep” In Your Step


Bioactive peptides take muscle growth to the next level. When we want muscles to grow from our hard training, we make sure we eat a high-protein diet throughout the day. But while we control our training and eating habits, what happens inside our bodies is beyond our control. After every gram of protein you ingest… read more

Gobble And Grow


Why not use the holidays to build your physique? You’ve been there: Loosening the trousers after a gluttonous Thanksgiving Day meal, settling in front of the tube with family and friends to watch football. It’s what we in America call “winning.” An occasional indulgence is fine, but you don’t want the holidays to set you… read more

Muscle Meals


These protein-packed power treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and help keep you fit. We live in an age of taste experts and food-science technology that create irresistible snacks and desserts. But while our taste buds are singing, our fat cells are crying. Avoiding sugar-loaded/muscle-destroying temptations seems like a full-time job, especially as we head… read more

Chews Or Lose


Serve your sweet tooth without blowing your diet with these new smart snacks. Candy kills—your diet, that is. Sweet treats have taken down many a mighty man who can’t resist a little sugar now and then. The problem is made exponentially worse since a little sugar usually leads to more sugar, and soon you’ve stuffed… read more

Get Smart!

Expand your fitness knowledge with October’s digital issue. Our expanded digital version of Muscle & Body will deliver a load of exclusive video content and other goodies. Here’s what to look forward to: • Find out what it’s like having rhabdomyolysis. Our own Scott Shilstone describes his harrowing ordeal with the dangerous condition brought on by overtraining. (See… read more