Swann Dives In


NFL legend Lynn Swann begins our primetime muscle makeover. Can the 61-year-old still reach the end zone? It’s 1979. Lynn Swann, wide receiver for the storied Pittsburgh Steelers at the height of their dominance, sprints like a gazelle to try and collect a nearly field-long bomb thrown by Terry Bradshaw. Bradshaw overshoots, and Swann is… read more

Rut Busters


Use these seven training strategies to break through plateaus and take your physique to the next level. Anyone who says he’s never hit a plateau in his training is either a liar or the strongest human being to ever walk the planet. It happens to all of us, and it may have happened to you… read more

Power Surge


M&B’s six-week comprehensive power program will boost your strength while building muscle mass. Virtually everyone who invests time in weight training wants to be stronger. That includes men, women, strength trainers, bodybuilders, experienced athletes and beginners. However, people in these various groups may have slightly different definitions of what it means to be stronger. Some… read more

Welcome to the Revolution


Here’s how muscle-building nutrition has changed over the past 40 years (hint: no more desiccated liver tablets). Thank you, science. Take two dried bull glands, mix in insect secretions and add algae. Perusing the supplement ads of 40 years past can feel like reading a long-lost book of witchcraft potions. Some of those products were… read more

The Magic of Magnesium


Magnesium is an essential element that’s critical for energy-requiring processes, protein synthesis, membrane integrity, nervous-tissue conduction, neuromuscular excitation, muscle contraction, hormone secretion, maintenance of vascular tone and intermediary metabolism. Deficiency can lead to change in neuromuscular, cardiovascular, immune and hormonal function, impaired energy metabolism and reduced capacity for physical work. —Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C.,… read more

Crowdsource Your Fitness


How to use social networks and new technology to boost your overall results. When it comes to getting in shape and losing weight, joining a health club is really just what the doctor ordered. But recent studies show that there is a lot more to successfully adopting a fitness lifestyle than picking a gym and… read more

Multi Muscle


Learn to combine supplements and whole foods to maximize healthand muscle growth. If you’re a bodybuilder or serious athlete, you know how important it is to cover your nutritional bases. That’s why multiminerals are so popular these days. While some sedentary people take multis to make up for their poor diets, athletes take them because… read more

Get Your Body Back


Eight guys over 40 take on Dave Hawk’s most ambitious transformation yet: the Primetime Muscle Makeover. With a boost from the new Amidren Performance Nutrition Series, Hawk shows you how to pack on lean mass, get ripped, and turn back your biological clock after turning the big 4-0. Mother Nature can be cruel. As men… read more

Killer Moves


Revitalize your workout with these CrossFit-inspired exercises that generate power while burning calories. When progress plateaus and motivation dips like the ratings of “Honey Boo-Boo goes to Bikini Island,” the mental and physical gridlock can usually be attributed to a few different factors: a general lack of intensity; an over-reliance on single-joint exercises; or overuse… read more

Booster Club


Try these 10 energy supplements for better workouts and more pep throughout the day. To have great workouts and get optimal results, you need to have plenty of energy. In fact, you not only need energy while you work out, but you need it at other times of day, too, so that you don’t feel… read more