Summer Superman


Time to freak out your friends with your ripped physique. It’s Part 3 of our Muscle Beach makeover! You’re almost there: the big reveal. If you’ve put in the work for the first two months of our 12-week Muscle Beach makeover, you’re ready for the home stretch. It’s hard work, but the rewards will give… read more

Muscle Beach Makeover: Part Two


Be the Boss of Summer Become a hot-weatherhunk with our Muscle Beach makeover. Ready for Part Two? Summer’s upon us, beaming sunlight and humidity on our exposed skin. But how much skin are you willing to reveal to the world? You can’t hide forever. At some point, you will swim. Maybe in a pool, a… read more

Built for the Beach in 12 Weeks


Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Blow some minds this summer with a muscular, studly physique. All you need is three months, a smart diet, quality supplements and a bit of hard work. OK, a lot of hard work. Let’s get going! You may know that repetitive phrase as a traditional call of distress by those who need… read more

Happiness is a Hard Body


Check out the astounding final photos of our “New Year, No Fear” makeover. The best part: You can do it, too! They said it couldn’t be done. A physique transformation over the holidays—are you nuts? No. More like big and hard, boasting a prodigious muscular frame, tight abs and bulging biceps. Happy New Year to… read more

A New Year, A New Man!

shirtless guy side pose

Completing our three-month transformation will make 2013 your best year ever. It’s January, a traditional month of change and rebirth. This is when people begin a new quest to upgrade their life, change their habits, get closer to living the dream. Good for them. You’re already there. If you’ve been following the “New Year, No… read more

Winter Wonderman Part 2

Bodybuilder with santa hat and presents

Give yourself a bad-ass physique for Christmas. How? By continuing our “New Year, No Fear” transformation.  “Even at the end of the year, you can still have a successful physique transformation,” proclaims David Hawk, former IFBB pro bodybuilder and Muscle & Body supertrainer. “I don’t care what the conventional wisdom says. We’re doing it.” One… read more

Own Your Future

Bicep curl

Take on 2013 like a boss by beating the crowd and beginning your New Year’s transformation now! Ready? Here’s Part 1 of the “New Year, No Fear” makeover. You either run your own life or life runs you. And when you’re not paying attention, life will often run you right into a rut. Don’t be… read more

Create Your Dream Body In Only Three Months!


The “New Year, New Body” Makeover Will Make 2­013 Your Best Year Yet. You want it — you know you do. You want a physique that will turn heads, elicit gasps, attract the opposite sex and urge others to marvel, “How did he build that body?” Here’s how: He followed Dave Hawk’s new transformation program,… read more

Crank Up the Awesome! Part 3

YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE INCREDIBLE CHANGES OUR GROUP OF GUYS MADE IN OUR “SUMMER SHRED” TRANSFORMATION. LEARN HOW YOU CAN GET AWESOME RESULTS, TOO. Check out the amazing results in the final installment of our 12-week Summer Shred program. Here’s how theydid it — and how you can, too! It’s been two months. So how… read more

Hard, Large and In Charge: Part 2

TIME TO PUSH YOURSELF TO NEW MUSCULAR DIMENSIONS WITH THE SECOND PART OF DAVE HAWK’S “SUMMER SHRED” PROGRAM. JUST CHECK OUT THE RESULTS SO FAR.   Month 2 of our transformation picks up the pace, but you’ll love the results. It’s not easy making peace with your bathroom mirror. When you’re not at the physique… read more