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Nitric-Oxide Boosters: Safe and Effective

Man Lifting Weights at the Gym

My 19-year-old son is a heavyweight wrestler in school. He works out daily with weights and has been using some type of creatine that helps increase his strength and size. He now wants to take a product called Xpand 2x, which is intended to increase nitric-oxide levels. Why would he want to boost these levels?… read more

Citrulline’s Benefits for Intense Exercisers


[Citrulline 101] You’ve mentioned citrulline and its effects before. Someone at GNC told me to try Myo-Blitz as a preworkout, and I noticed that it contains citrulline. Does it really help you train when you take it preworkout? A: Today’s preworkout products are far superior to those of five years ago, and one of the… read more

Beta-Alanine: Energy You Can Feel


I just purchased Cellucor’s C4 and noticed it includes beta-alanine. A friend warned me against taking beta-alanine because it causes a reaction of tingling and feeling flushed. Is this a safe ingredient? What does it do? A: Beta-alanine is a very safe and effective ingredient. The tingling or flushed feeling your friend experiences is called… read more

Why Take Vitamins For Muscles?

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Q: I’m 24 years old and following the ‘New Year, No Fear’ transformation. Is it really important to take a multivitamin when trying to gain muscle? What about CLA? A: CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is an effective supplement that helps to enhance weight loss. It helps improve the lean-mass-to-body-fat ratio, and decreases fat deposition, especially… read more

Maximize Your Morning Workout

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Q: I started your “New Year, No Fear” transformation last month. Before I train, I eat oatmeal with half of a banana and drink a Dymatize protein shake mixed with BarnDad Ultra Fiber DX. I don’t get a good pump in my morning workouts like I do in the afternoon. Could the fiber be affecting… read more

Don’t Get Sore

Muscular man holding football

Q: I play college football, and between practices, games and my weight training, I’m always sore and a little rundown. Can you suggest a supplement that may help me recover so I’m not so sore all the time? A: There could be a few reasons why you’re always experiencing soreness. Two of the most common… read more

New Triceps Exercises


Q: My triceps are not responding to my workouts and I want to get them growing. I’ve been doing pyramid sets with close-grip bench presses and close-grip triceps pushdowns. Do you have suggestions of new triceps exercises I can try for thickness and shape? A: If your triceps muscles do not respond to a program… read more

AAKG and Nitric Oxide Production

EXPERT TRAINER AND CHAMPION BODYBUILDER DAVE HAWK ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS ON TRAINING AND NUTRITION. LISTEN TO HIM.   Q: I’ve read in your column about the benefits of supplementing with arginine for boosting nitric oxide. At GNC, the salesperson sold me MRI’s NO2 Black and said it contains arginine-AKG. Is this the same thing you were… read more

BCAAs, Soy, and You

EXPERT TRAINER AND CHAMPION BODYBUILDER DAVE HAWK ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS ON TRAINING AND NUTRITION. LISTEN TO HIM.   Q: I want to start taking BCAAs but I’m confused as to which is best for me. Some brands have a 2:1:1 ratio and others provide a higher amount of leucine. What is the difference, and is there… read more

Natural Testosterone Boosters

EXPERT TRAINER AND CHAMPION BODYBUILDER DAVE HAWK ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS ON TRAINING AND NUTRITION. LISTEN TO HIM.   Q: I’m 38 years old and my body is getting soft — not good for living in South Beach. I’m also feeling more tired and depressed lately. Are there any supplements to give a guy like me energy… read more