In Sickness and in Health


Lee Jordan gained love, lost weight and found a new life.

We all want to look good for our significant others, and Lee Jordan was no exception. But for Lee, it wasn’t just about looking good, it was about taking action in order to stay alive for his long-lost love who recently became his wife.

Lee had struggled with his weight all throughout his adult years, losing hundreds of pounds only to regain them all back—and then some. This self-defeating process left him riddled with bad eating habits that intensified into dangerous health issues.

Binge eating was a huge pitfall for Lee and one of the hardest habits for him to break. He would consume 10,000 calories in less than an hour, then pass out shortly after. “My weight continued to increase until I reached my all-time high of 454 lb,” he recalls. “I was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes, lung disease, high blood pressure, as well as high cholesterol.”

Love To The Rescue
It wasn’t until a former lost love came back into Lee’s life that he got the emotional support he needed to regain control over his health. “She never saw the body in which I was imprisoned,” explains Lee. “Instead, she just saw the real me.”

For Lee, it wasn’t about making a “Biggest Loser”–style change. He knew a complete overhaul was likely to overwhelm him, so he opted for small daily changes that he knew would leave him feeling accomplished.

“People think that losing huge amounts of weight is about doing the extraordinary, but it’s really about doing the ordinary daily. My ‘30 Seconds to Victory Plan’ gets people into action and in a feasible way,” explains Lee. “This ‘victory’ builds through small wins quickly into a positive self-image and creates a halo effect across three key health pillars: exercise, nutrition and sleep.”

Lee’s life has completely transformed, and he is now helping others gain control over their lives. His sister, Holly, has lost 200 lb with his inspiration and guidance. (Stay tuned for her amazing story in the next M&B.)

Lee has successfully taken control over his body weight. He has lost a total of 279 lb and is currently 175 lb. He participates in a wide variety of exercises, including running 5K races, core and balance training, strength training, as well as 75-minute yoga classes. He also loves TRX equipment and always brings it along with him when he travels for quick workouts on the road.

Lee’s Top 3 Pieces Of Fitness Advice

• Cross-train regularly with both cardio and strength training. This will always keep your body guessing and less likely to hit a plateau.

• Make exercise a priority by doing it first thing in the morning. There’s no better way to start your day, and it will help you avoid skipping it later.

• Start now! Tomorrow never gets here, so if you want to create a new life for yourself, today is the day to get going.

Lee’s Secrets for a Successful Diet

• Always eat a protein-filled breakfast. Having protein will regulate your blood sugar and keep your hunger under control.

• Avoid sugar as much as possible. It provides no nutrients and will only send you on an energy roller-coaster ride.

• Create a plan that you can follow. If you don’t have a plan, you won’t see success. It’s that simple.

To learn more about Lee and his plan, visit Connect with him on Twitter @30sectovictory.


Kim Lyons, NASM CPT, PES, CES and Prenatal Specialist, is an internationally known fitness trainer who worked on “The Biggest Loser.” For more information about Kim, visit

 Image courtesy of Lee Jordan.

  • Tom K

    Lee – it is a pleasure to know you and what you’ve become! An inspiration! Keep up the great work!

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    Great job Lee! Looking good!

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    I’m really estatic that this article was written! Lee is such an inspiration! It just goes to show you that the everyday ordinary things like daily exercise and good food choices can give you an extraordinary life!

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    Lee–an amazing story that inspires all of us who want to achieve the kind of physical and emotional success you’ve clearly accomplished. Keep us all posted on your continued efforts. And congrats on the new life! Truly an exceptional story!

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    Talk about Inspirational …
    Not only did you get yourself into great health but ALSO get the Love of your life !

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    After reading your story I wonder how many people have ended up saying “If he can do it, so can I “

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    This is really one of the great inspirations. To hear the story of Lee and his sister Holly is amazing! Thank you for sharing! I am inspired by all of you.

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    Lee has come so far and is such an inspiration. It is amazing to see him get to share his message with so many people. He has shared his words of wisdom with me and has helped me on my weight loss journey. Lee lives his life in such a positive place and is has been so supportive to his friends and family. His dream has been to share his message and lessons with more people and his dream is coming true. No one is more deserving than Lee. Lee can break things down into understandable steps that are doable and don’t seem so insurmountable. Thanks Lee for all of your support! Congrats on your many successes!

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    Wow… if my brother hadnt told me it was you, I never would have recognized you! Great job Lee… an inspiration to all of us stuck on the diet yoyo.