Your Body, Your Life

Run For Your Life!


Here’s how to enjoy the benefits of this simple style of exercise. Running long distances is not for everyone, but I really encourage everyone to hit the road whether it’s for a short run or a marathon. The best thing about running is that anyone can do it; you don’t need to learn a new… read more

All the World’s a Gym


You don’t need a health club to work out. Here’s a routine you can do anywhere. One of the most common questions fit people get asked is, “Where do you work out?” While many in-shape men and women have gym memberships, the truth is, fit people work out anywhere and everywhere, not just in the… read more

You’re Doing It Wrong!


Here are the most common weight-training mistakes and how to fix them. Let’s face it, mistakes happen. We are all human, and it’s impossible to master everything. There are many things I have yet to learn, but when it comes to exercise form and getting results in the gym, I’m your Yoda! My goal today… read more

The Best Time to Work Out Is….


It really doesn’t matter, but there are some variables to consider. If you ask a handful of experts about the best time of day to work out, chances are you will get a handful of different answers. I’ve concluded that when it comes to getting your best possible workout, psychology often trumps physiology. In my… read more

Just Roll With It


Foam rollers can help you treat trouble spots and enhance progress. Foam rollers are popping up everywhere—in gyms, living rooms, physical therapist offices, even suitcases. Foam rolling has become increasingly popular, but there is still confusion about how to use these odd cylinders. Foam rollers are used to apply a technique called self-myofascial release (SMR),… read more

Weights or Cardio? The Great Debate


What’s really the best way to train to lose weight? To get leaner, you need to do more cardio, but if you want to develop muscle, you need to lift weights, right? Not exactly. It’s more complicated than that. Here’s why. Resistance Isn’t Futile First, let’s clear up a common confusion about lifting weights and… read more

The Perfect Exercise


Why the kettlebell swing is my choice for the ultimate movement. There are thousands of different exercises. From large gym equipment to body-weight movements, the list goes on and on. Thankfully, these endless options help to keep you interested and avoid exercise boredom, but it’s important to find the perfect exercise for your specific goals.… read more

Stimulate to Motivate


Never be bored in the gym. Here are five ways to keep fitness fun and productive. A lot of people ask me if I get bored doing the same thing over and over, because let’s face it: there are only so many ways to train your biceps. But really, fitness is like a living thing,… read more

Stretching: The Truth


It’s good for you, so make like Gumby with these two protocols. Stretching: We all know we should do it, but most of us don’t. I often see people hustle into the gym, spend 10 minutes chatting and then jump into their workout. Ironically, the jaw is one muscle you don’t need to warm up!… read more

Jack Up Your Metabolism


Here are four ways to increase your body’s fat-burning abilities. I often hear people blame their weight-loss struggles on a slow metabolism. But what exactly is metabolism, and is it truly responsible for weight problems? The process of metabolism is complex, involving numerous hormones and enzymes with varying functions in the body. This metabolism “network”… read more