One Day At a Time


A loving wife and mother keeps her commitment to fitness and loses 82 lb! Making a commitment to lose weight is easy. Keeping the commitment is the hard part. When Tanya McDowall learned to keep her commitment to lose weight, she transformed her body and her life. Just two weeks after her mom’s 50th birthday,… read more

Half A Person


Ashamed of his size, this man lost 250 lb and regained his zest for life. Over the past three years, through diet, exercise and will power, I have lost 250 lb, which is 56% of my starting weight. I considered some form of bariatric surgery at one point, but decided to stick with the tried-and-true… read more

Keeping America Strong


Two members of the U.S. Armed Forces win the 2013 Cellucor/GNC ASF Best Body Contest. Whoever said that the third time’s the charm never met Marc Roberts and Sharissa Perez. On their very first visit to the Arnold Sports Festival last March, they were confident enough in their hard work and training to enter Muscle &… read more

A Father’s Wish


Darren Williams couldn’t bear the thought of missing his daughter’s wedding. Darren’s story begins in April 2008, when he weighed 452 lb. He lived in fear of heart problems and worried that he would not live to see his daughter grow up. Darren’s story begins in April 2008, when he weighed 452 lb. He lived… read more

Making A Difference: Tasha Wall


Tasha Wall lost 30 lb and changed her life. Now she’s helping others do the same. Seven years ago, I found myself miserable and hating the way I looked. I wasn’t what you would consider obese, but I was overweight. I struggled with body image and food for years, and used to cry when I… read more

Meet the “Best Bodies”


Here are the winners of the 2012 Cellucor/GNC Olympia contest, chosen by YOU! When Abe Cruz and Melissa Hong decided to show their stuff at our annual Muscle & Body Best Body contest at the 2012 Olympia Expo in Las Vegas last September, they hoped all that hard work would pay off with a feature… read more

The Girl Got Real


This aspiring comedian went from thick chick to hi-def hottie. “I have an athletic build.” “Muscle weighs more than fat—I’m fine.” “I’m tall so I can carry this weight. If I lost more than 15 lb it would look crazy on me.” These are the things I’ve been telling myself for as long as I… read more

Lesson Learned


Catherine Finkley mastered the subject of subtraction: 86 lb. I used to be slender in high school. I weighed about 145 lb at a height of 5’4”, but when I began attending college at Alabama State University, my lifestyle began to change. I started eating a lot of fast food and gained weight, starting with… read more

Removing Your “Fat Suit”


This woman discovered her true self after losing 130 lb. Remember gym class in grade school? There were definitely two echelons of kids: those who could and those who couldn’t. For the kids in the latter category, gym was a panic-inducing hour. “I remember standing in line for the 50-yard dash and being so anxious… read more

Song Of Myself


An overweight music teacher learns to hit all the right notes on weight loss. Johann Sebastian Bach once said that playing the organ is nothing remarkable, that all one has to do is hit the right notes at the right times. But to make beautiful music, you’ve got to practice — a lot. So it… read more