The Strongest Link

Keep joint pain from halting your training progress with this top-selling, clinically researched supplement. Millions of Americans are plagued by deteriorating joints, whether it’s from lifetyle, aging or any number of diseases that affect nerves and soft tissue. Painful joints cause an assortment of lifestyle limitations, especially for athletes and regular exercisers. Of course, the… read more

Put Some “Pep” In Your Step


Bioactive peptides take muscle growth to the next level. When we want muscles to grow from our hard training, we make sure we eat a high-protein diet throughout the day. But while we control our training and eating habits, what happens inside our bodies is beyond our control. After every gram of protein you ingest… read more

Chews Or Lose


Serve your sweet tooth without blowing your diet with these new smart snacks. Candy kills—your diet, that is. Sweet treats have taken down many a mighty man who can’t resist a little sugar now and then. The problem is made exponentially worse since a little sugar usually leads to more sugar, and soon you’ve stuffed… read more

A Get-Jacked Stack


How to combine anabolic hormone boosters for greater muscle-building support. The mysteries of the body’s endocrine system, the part of our biology that regulates hormones, have been gradually uncovered over the last few decades. We’ve learned how aging and stress can affect the delicate regulation  of key hormones. Starting as early as age 30, men… read more

A Fitness Foodie Revolution


Nutrition bars have become delicious on-the-go meals. Time for everyone, not just fitness fanatics, to take advantage. Nutrition bars have come a long way over the years. Now, with more detailed labels, somebody serious about fitness and health knows what to look for in protein bars. There are many great brands on the market, but… read more

There’s Got To Be a Better Whey


Not all proteins are the same. Here’s what to look for. Whey protein is understood to be the essential protein for strength gains and muscle building, but what is less understood is the difference between high-quality products and average dairy proteins that haven’t been refined and isolated. To get the most from whey protein, you… read more

Free And Clear


Get ready for a sports-nutrtion revolution with BetaTOR—a super powerful form of HMB. Bodybuilders and athletes are always seeking new ways to enhance their power and muscle growth. But before they travel to GNC to see the latest and greatest sports-nutrition product, the smart ones scour the web and research journals to see what’s bubbling… read more

Carnitine Comeback


Scientists discover the amino acid’s hidden power. Remember carnitine in the 1980s and ’90s? Magazine ads promoted this supplement to anyone who wanted to develop a lean, athletic body. Unfortunately, supplemental carnitine quickly fell by the wayside in favor of thermogenic stacks and products targeted to endurance athletes—gels, gummies and a new wave of sports… read more

Liquid Magic


A new amino acid beverage is changing the game. Summer is around the corner, and the blood, sweat and tears we put into our diets and gym sessions over the last few months will soon be revealed. It’s crunch time, and now more than ever we need a product that hydrates us and helps our… read more

It’s “Gro” Time!


The new category of bioactive peptides gets its frontrunner. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference. That’s the case with bioactive peptides (BAPs). According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, peptides are “a compound consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain….” The bioactive version of peptides are those with… read more