Peak Performer

Catch a Rising Star

Mr. Universe Calum Von Moger and Fitness Diva sensation Ashley Hoffmann are the fresh new faces of today’s physique elite. Calum Von Moger: “Arnold 2.O” Wants To Make His Own Mark When you’re a 24-year-old bodybuilding phenom with an Austrian surname, you tend to get compared to you-know-who. But Calum Von Moger wants to write… read more

Flutie Fit


Still active and competitive in his 50s, former pro football star and Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie continues to defy the odds. As you can imagine, Doug Flutie’s body at age 52 isn’t quite what it was 30 years ago when he was quarterback for Boston College and threw that famous Hail Mary against Miami… read more

Ripped Razorback


Men’s physique competitor Jared Groff left the gridiron for the stage and never looked back. For physique competitor Jared Groff, competitive juices morphed into a rewarding career. In college, the now 29-year-old played football in the toughest conference in America, the SEC (Southeastern Conference), as a wide receiver for the University of Arkansas. After graduating… read more

Living the Dream


Bodybuilder and powerlifter Cory Gregory has gone from working in a coal mine to being business partners with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He explains how it all came together. It was a typically sunny and beautiful morning in Santa Monica, Calif., but for one major reason this day seemed a little brighter. I knew I was about… read more

Bronx Bombshell

Jason Breeze

Sometimes powerful things come in small packages. Exhibit A: bikini standout Yeshaira Robles. Attention all IFBB pro bikini competitors: That increasingly loud sound you hear is Yeshaira Robles knocking on the door to become the next petite princess of the fitness world. Since 2012, she’s done a ton of shows and has only placed outside… read more

The Natural

Courtesy of iSatori

iSatori’s David Sandler parlayed a gift of freakish strength into one of the most impressive resumes in the fitness industry. David Sandler was one of those guys at the gym you either hated or envied (or both): He was just naturally strong. An average human being starts out lifting light weights and gradually works up… read more

Jen Jewell: Diamond in the Rough


Photo by Noel Daganta With her glamorous looks and down-to-Earth attitude, Jen Jewell is the fitness diva next door. The great ones make it look easy, but it never is. WBFF pro fitness competitor Jen Jewell—gifted with natural beauty and a stage name that’s a marketer’s dream—may seem like she’s never had a bad day… read more

Innovate to Dominate


Photo by Kevin Horton Ryan Hughes’ entrepreneurial energy and Blast Training System have made him one of New York’s top trainers. New York City is littered with the broken dreams and failed careers of wide-eyed newcomers who try to make their mark in the Big Apple. That includes those in the fitness industry who struggle… read more

Size Matters


Photo by Jeffrey Sygo. Bodybuilder Lawrence Ballenger has perfected the art of growing quality mass. The story of the scrawny teenager who becomes a mass monster sounds like a tired bodybuilding myth, but Lawrence Ballenger has lived it. It started with a single incident (details in interview), which lead to the 6-foot-tall Illinois resident to… read more

Power Play

Brian Shaw, the World’s Strongest Man, will look to reclaim his Arnold Strongman Classic title this year. One look at Brian Shaw, and you wouldn’t be surprised that he could lift a Miata. At 6’8” and more than 400 lb, he’s almost as big as one. The official World’s Strongest Man, the 32-year-old Shaw has… read more