From the Editor

Weird Science

We often caution against “science by press release,” a term for the way mainstream media reports research studies, especially in the areas of exercise and nutrition. Usually, the worst abuses occur in the headline of a story, whether it’s intended to be alarmist or is just a poorly worded summation of a complex topic. The… read more

Heavy Hearts

Professional bodybuilding demands as much from an athlete as any other sport. While the mainstream may not define bodybuilding as a sport, the dedication to training and nutrition are just as rigorous for world-class physique athletes as NFL players or Olympic performers—and with fewer rewards. Now, we’re learning just how high those costs can be.… read more

Why the Mr. Olympia Matters

The Mr. Olympia contest, the centerpiece of the multievent Olympia Weekend, is scheduled this year for September 20. Founded by Joe Weider, the legendary Father of Bodybuilding, the contest has steadily grown since its debut in 1965. But despite its success, the Mr. Olympia is absent from ESPN, Sports Illustrated and mainstream news sites. Worse, when it’s… read more

Defending Dr. Oz

You may have seen the Senate hearing on weight-loss products on June 17 chaired by Claire McCaskill (D-MO). Front and center in the session was the ubiquitous Dr. Oz, aka Mehmet Oz, MD, the popular talk-show host and author. The hearing wasn’t pretty. While McCaskill cited the educational value that Oz often brings to his… read more

Blood Brothers

We have a thing for “True Blood” around here. This month’s cover of Stephen Moyer marks the third time a featured player on the supernatural HBO series has appeared on Muscle & Body (Ryan Kwanten, June 2009, and Joe Manganiello, August 2010). If you’re a fan of the show, you may have noticed that the… read more

It’s Your Choice

it’s up to you to maximize your potential with smart nutrition. My daughter, in her second year of college, recently asked me to give her a few reasons why one should take nutritional supplements. She told me that a group of her fellows students told her that supplements “aren’t safe and don’t do anything.” The… read more

The Doctors Are In!

At Muscle & Body, we rely on experts to help guide us through the complexities of the human body and its relationship to nutrition, exercise and the challenges that affect our health and performance. We’ve been fortunate to publish many elite authorities, but rarely do we find practicing MDs who can speak on these subjects. The… read more

Go Home, Winter, You’re Drunk

You can feel it coming: the scent of blooming buds, the warming air, the lighter clothes, the extended daylight. Summer is near.  About time. This winter was nastier than a pack of honey badgers at feeding time, with waves of something called the Polar Vortex pounding much of the country, including the usually snow-immune South.… read more

Welcome, World!

Judging by our Facebook page, fitness is the universal language. If you’ve never visited our Facebook page, I urge you to do so. Not only do we host contests, promote product giveaways, and drop wisdom like a jacked-up Socrates, we enjoy a diverse population of fan “likes” from exotic locations that may surprise you. In… read more

The Great Vitamin Smear Job of 2013

You may have seen the news story last December on how multivitamins aren’t wonder drugs that cure cancer, reverse aging and make you sing “Kumbaya” during episodes of road rage. OK, so maybe that’s not exactly how the story was reported, but it may as well have been. At issue are the mainstream media reports… read more