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The Fire Is In The Fat


Exercise can help to mitigate inflammation caused by excess visceral fat. “Chronic low-grade inflammation has been implicated in the etiology of a number of disease conditions, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes,” according to the article “Role of Exercise on Inflammation and Chronic Disease” in the August 2014 issue of Strength and Conditioning Journal.… read more

Best of Both Worlds


Combining resistance training with endurance exercise: Does order matter? Anyone who has lifted weights for any period of time has recognized the benefits of resistance training. Weightlifting increases strength and lean body mass (muscle), and also improves body composition and your overall health profile. Endurance exercise in the form of either steady-state cardio or high-intensity… read more

Know When to Stop


My son’s bout with rhabdomyolysis shows the dangers of overdoing extreme training. “I never thought it could happen to me, Dad,” my son Scott wrote to me in an email. “I never thought I could actually work out too much.” My son is referring to his recent bout with rhabdomyolysis (“rhabdo”), the breakdown of muscle… read more

A Brave New World of Pain


Advanced technology in sports like tennis come at a cost: more injuries. Having worked as Serena Williams’ fitness coach for the last five years, I have previously alluded to the fact that professional singles tennis can be a brutal sport relative to the wear and tear on a player’s body. Many pro careers end when… read more

Encouraging Words


You can talk yourself out of being tired while you train, say researchers. Whether you’re a serious endurance athlete or you place your training emphasis on the development of strength, power or size (like many of M&B’s readers) it goes without saying that you may have hit a wall at some point in your training. Even… read more

The Aerobic Cure For Muscle Loss


Aerobic exercise may increase muscle mass in those who need it most. Current opinion in skeletal muscle biology and exercise physiology is that “aerobic exercise has a negligible effect on skeletal muscle mass.” In my experience, I have rarely witnessed many bodybuilders put up a 30-mile cumulative running week. But things may be changing, especially… read more

The Sweet Science


The important role that simple sugars can play in exercise energy. Do you ever feel that low energy levels while training are hindering your ability to push yourself? Maybe you need a little sugar in your tank. Adding a combination of carbohydrates (CHO) such as glucose/fructose to your preworkout regimen may be your best bet… read more

The Healthiest Catch


Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil can help you both on and off the field. Supplements are great when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan, but some supplements can be viewed as more essential than others. A good protein blend, for example, is crucial for building muscle and preserving lean body… read more

Snooze Or Lose


The link between sleep and athletic performance is stronger than you think. You’ve spent hours at the gym. You’ve taken the multivitamin, the fish oil, the creatine, protein, aminos—you’ve done it all. You’re off to a great start. But, while supplementation can be an important part of achieving a healthy and fit body, the most… read more

The Resurgence Of HMB


A once-neglected supplement reveals its power in research. In Muscle & Body’s December issue, a reader asked columnist Dave Hawk what HMB was and why it was added to his protein mix. “HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate),” according to Hawk, “is a metabolite or by-product of the amino acid leucine that works extremely well in the body as an… read more