• Naomi Vega

    WOW!! You look great!!!! Thank you so much! I have been looking for an article like this!!!!

  • Sheila

    12 to 15 reps but do you push as much weight as you can handle or lower weight?

    • Chantel

      Lift as heavy as you can while still maintaining proper form ;)

      • sheila


        • Chantel

          You’re welcome! Good luck on your prep and/or goals! :)

  • Marissa

    I’m confused on the cardio recommendations. It says 30-45 min every morning at the top, and then within each of the days it says HIIT 20-30 min – is that in addition to the 30-45 min, or included? Thanks!

    • chantel

      Yes, am is cardio only. Afternoon/evening is weights followed by another 20_30 min in the form of hiit. Different than the am style.

  • alanna

    do you have a carb up day? or do you avoid them your entire prep? i dont see any in your meal plan

    • Chantel

      There is not a “carb up day”. Amanda gets her energy and carbs from fruits, veggies, and healthy fats. This follows a lower carb approach yes, often times referred to as paleo or primal style, but the healthy fats make up for it. Hope that helps?! :)

  • Ebony Fitness

    This is absolutely awesome and simplified to perfection! Thanks so much.

  • Maria

    What if you can only lift weights 3 x a week? That’s all the time I have :(

  • Christina

    About How long will this take to see results if followed precisely?

  • steph k

    Great article- very well organized & touched on all the topics I was curious about, thank you!

  • Helen Hines

    I went to your website and saw your b4 photo in 2009. You really don’t look like you’ve changed much. I wouldve been much more impressed if there was a drastic change. You look like the type who was always thin never really had a problem with weight issues or being over weight. What you did was, you lost a lil bit of weight to fine tune your body. However, you do look great and have done a fine job in perfecting your look. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  • Alex

    Great article! Very helpful

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