• An Insider’s Guide to Amino Acids

    An A-to-Z list of everything from building blocks to potent anabolic signaling agents that support muscle building. If you’ve been reading Muscle &… read more

  • Hitting Above the Belt

    Put some beef on your torso with this total upper-body workout.  You’re a faithful cardio fanatic, logging 45 minutes five days a week without fai… read more

  • Grain of Truth

    “Modern wheat is a chronic poison!” That’s the belief of some in the fitness world who have put wheat and other grains on top of the nutrition h… read more

  • Lean and Green

    Here’s how to use powerhouse greens to boost health and cut fat. When eating healthy, greens are a natural addition to a meal, smoothie or salad. Bu… read more

  • Big Muscle in Steel City

    The 2014 GNC Pittsburgh Fitness Expo proved that staying strong and healthy can be great fun. Sure, it takes effort and dedication to stay fit and hea… read more

    Alan J. King

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From the Editor

Weird Science

We often caution against “science by press release,” a term for the way mainstream media reports research studies, especially in the areas of exercise and nutrition. Usually, the worst abuses occur in the headline of a story, whether it’s intended to be alarmist or is just a poorly worded summation… read more

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