• Fix Your Game

    Here are the top 10 most common supplement mistakes. Eliminate them and reap huge rewards. To get the most from your supplementation regimen, it’s i… read more

  • Muscle Meals

    These protein-packed power treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and help keep you fit. We live in an age of taste experts and food-science technology … read more

  • Sunny Every Day

    Vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin,” is a crucial nutrient for health and athletic performance. It can even help you build muscle mass. First things… read more

  • Back to Basics

    Sloppy training technique increases injury risk and deprives you of great gains (we’re talking to you, CrossFit newbies). Let world-famous strength … read more

  • Chews Or Lose

    Serve your sweet tooth without blowing your diet with these new smart snacks. Candy kills—your diet, that is. Sweet treats have taken down many a mi… read more


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From the Editor

Heavy Hearts

Professional bodybuilding demands as much from an athlete as any other sport. While the mainstream may not define bodybuilding as a sport, the dedication to training and nutrition are just as rigorous for world-class physique athletes as NFL players or Olympic performers—and with fewer rewards. Now, we’re learning just how… read more

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