• Nugenix

    Keep Your Advantage and Gain an Edge As men age, it’s often harder to maintain that tough, masculine edge. Sexual performance and drive can suffer. … read more

  • A Bloody Good Man

    “True Blood”’s Stephen Moyer is famous for playing a brooding, predatory vampire, but in real life he’s a charming English gentleman with a pa… read more

    Cory Sorensen
  • Lean In, Lean Out!

    A woman’s guide to shedding body fat. Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” is a call of empowerment for women in contemporary times. But confidence is … read more

  • Whey Protein is Still King

    Here’s the latest research about protein’s benefits from a recent scientific conference. What they learned will help you get bigger and stronger. … read more

  • Overcoming All Obstacles

    Planning on doing a Tough Mudder or Spartan Race? Then train for it. Here’s how to dominate an extreme obstacle course with this four-week training … read more


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From the Editor

Blood Brothers

We have a thing for “True Blood” around here. This month’s cover of Stephen Moyer marks the third time a featured player on the supernatural HBO series has appeared on Muscle & Body (Ryan Kwanten, June 2009, and Joe Manganiello, August 2010). If you’re a fan of the show, you… read more

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