• Crash Through the Anabolic Window

    Use these nutrients postworkout to jack up your muscle growth and strength gains.  You may think that a great weight-training workout is the key to m… read more

  • Making a Difference

    Sen. Martin Heinrich talks about why preventive health care is the key to slashing medical costs—and altering people’s lives for the better. Sen. … read more

    U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.)
  • The Total Package

    Get bodybuilder huge and powerlifter strong with the new system of powerbuilding. The mirror and the numbers on the bar are the ultimate indicators of… read more

  • Look & Feel Young!

    How women can combat muscle loss as they age. It’s tough getting older, especially when you know that the aging process will gradually cause your sk… read more

  • A Joint Effort

    Reduce pain and protect tendons and ligaments with these specialty supplements. We’ve known for a long time that there’s some truth to the maxim n… read more


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From the Editor

Why the Mr. Olympia Matters

The Mr. Olympia contest, the centerpiece of the multievent Olympia Weekend, is scheduled this year for September 20. Founded by Joe Weider, the legendary Father of Bodybuilding, the contest has steadily grown since its debut in 1965. But despite its success, the Mr. Olympia is absent from ESPN, Sports Illustrated and mainstream… read more

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