• Who Stole My Muscles?

    Nobody. You simply have sarcopenia, a gradual loss of muscle tissue, usually due to aging. Here’s how to fight back. If you’re aging into your 40s… read more

    Man Lifting Weights At Health Club
  • Powder Protein

    Here’s how to get more out of your protein supplement. Long gone are the days when protein powders tasted like cardboard, sand or grainy turpentine.… read more

  • Chum Change

    Chumlee, “Pawn Stars”’ comic foil, is a new man, thanks to a dramatic weight loss of 100 lb. Here’s how the reality superstar made  his amazi… read more

    Courtesy 2014 A+E Networks, LLC / Photo by Joey L.
  • Fat is Fuel

    10 Reasons Why Fat—Not Carbs—May Be the Preferred Energy for Endurance Athletes. The long-standing dogma that carbohydrates are not only preferred… read more

  • Create an Unbeatable Mind and Body

    Navy SEAL Mark Divine teaches you how to develop physical strength and a steel will. If you thought Zen meditation and busting your ass in Navy SEAL t… read more

    Photo by SEALFIT

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From the Editor

Defending Dr. Oz

You may have seen the Senate hearing on weight-loss products on June 17 chaired by Claire McCaskill (D-MO). Front and center in the session was the ubiquitous Dr. Oz, aka Mehmet Oz, MD, the popular talk-show host and author. The hearing wasn’t pretty. While McCaskill cited the educational value that… read more

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