• Abs For Function—And Show!

    Take your entire physique to the next level with this power core system.  We all go to the gym because we want to improve our looks and muscular stre… read more

  • Get Buff For  Summer In Just 12 Weeks

    Create a muscular, studly physique in only three months and become the hardbody every woman wants to be with and every guy wants to be. It doesn’t m… read more

  • Renovate Your Routine

    You need to mix it up. Find out which set schemes—from straight to circuits—are best for your goals. The concept of a weight-training “set” se… read more

  • Innovate to Dominate

    Photo by Kevin Horton Ryan Hughes’ entrepreneurial energy and Blast Training System have made him one of New York’s top trainers. New York City is… read more

  • Pump Power

    These 10 products will help increase muscle volume during workouts, leading to bigger, denser muscles.  Most guys seek out muscle pumps for their own… read more


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From the Editor

Go Home, Winter, You’re Drunk

You can feel it coming: the scent of blooming buds, the warming air, the lighter clothes, the extended daylight. Summer is near.  About time. This winter was nastier than a pack of honey badgers at feeding time, with waves of something called the Polar Vortex pounding much of the country,… read more

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